Americans with Disabilities Act
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If you have a disability, the workplace is one of the critical areas where the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects you from discrimination. Whether you are an employee or a job applicant, employers must provide certain accommodations and cannot make decisions based on your disability if you are otherwise qualified for a position.

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The ADA covers all employers with at least 15 employees, including:

  • Private employers
  • State and local governments
  • Employment agencies
  • Labor organizations
  • Labor-management committees

At Emejuru Law, our Silver Spring ADA attorney has over a decade of experience protecting clients from discrimination based on a disability and other protected classes or characteristics. If an employer has violated your rights under the ADA, we are here to help you file a complaint and potentially an ADA lawsuit, which could help you obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

Understanding Your Rights Under the ADA

As with other prohibited grounds of discrimination, your disability cannot be the reason why an employer fires you, demotes you, deprives you of training, pays you less, denies benefits, or makes any other adverse employment decision.

You are protected from discrimination under the ADA if:

  • You have a disability*;
  • You possess the qualifications required for the job (e.g. education, experience, licensing, skills, etc.); and
  • You can perform the essential components of your job, whether or not you need a reasonable accommodation to do so.

*The definition of a disability under the ADA was expanded in 2008 to make it easier for individuals to qualify for ADA protections.